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FUN RUN Thunderbird Resorts ondoy no more


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Fun Run for a cause

12 Suicides at Apple’s Production Plant in China: What is the real cost of an iPad?


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20100603 suicide01 iPad News: 12 Suicides at Apple’s Production Plant in China: What is the real cost of an iPad?
We all know the dollar cost of owning the new wonder tablet from Apple. It’s not cheap and for most of us it’s a real spending decision. But what is the human cost of such a device, especially one where demand has so much outstripped supply? In the Chinese electronics factory Foxconn, where the iPad is manufactured, 12 successful suicide attempts have occurred recently, with a further 4 unsuccessful attempts. According to internal sources, 30 further deaths have been avoided by counselling. Is something rotten in the state of Apple?
20100603 suicide02 iPad News: 12 Suicides at Apple’s Production Plant in China: What is the real cost of an iPad?
Glistening workshops and shiny new buildings can be a flimsy façade masking an old-fashioned-style sweatshop. Although Steve Jobs refuses to answer this accusation directly, perhaps the evidence speaks for itself. The factory employs over 300,000 workers, all of whom are forbidden to speak, even when on break. Reported weekly working hours exceed the theoretical maximum of 70, and the factory runs a near-militaristic regime to ensure that huge productivity demands are met.
Over the course of Apple’s iPad contract, where over 2 million units have already been made at the plant, an astonishing 15,000 workers per month are quitting, citing loneliness and alienation as their main reasons. Although pay looks to improve by a third over the next month, will this be enough to stabilize the workforce or end the distressing bout of suicides?
Foxconn stated that the suicides linked to its plant were not above the national average amongst the young people throughout China, and personal problems were the cause. They stated that the pay increase was not directly linked to the suicides; rather its purpose was to attract better-qualified staff to their organisation during a manufacturing labor shortage.
Steve Jobs was apparently distressed by this news when questioned about it yesterday at a conference in California: “Apple does one of the best jobs of any company understanding the working conditions of our supply chain,” he stated. “We are all over this.” His view was that proper investigation was necessary before offering any solutions. That sounds a little fudgy to me.
In the newly industrialized China, conditions are notoriously fierce and stressful. In spite of workers esteeming employment by prestigious electronics companies, the pressure can become intolerable. It’s all very well blaming China. That’s easy, but aren’t they fulfilling contracts at the cheapest price possible? It’s also easy to blame Apple, maybe with some justification: should they be policing conditions within their supply chain more stringently? Or maybe we should look at the good old Western Consumer… (that’s us) … who don’t really want to think about how something is made, under what conditions other people have to suffer in order to get us the latest gadget at an affordable price? Something rotten in the state of Apple, or may be food for thought?

Mt. Batulao Nasugbu, Batangas bike ride


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0600 AT macapagal blewave.
0800 bacoor stop and re group
0900 at Dasma for a quick marienda
1000 at silang tagaytay for buko juice stop over and donut stop over.
1200 lunch at olivares
0200 ever crest nasugbu, Batangas and start bike trek.
0500 camp at new trail.

0400 ETD bus terminal in EDSA-Taft via Crow Bus Lines to Nasugbu, Batangas (P114.00)
0715 Arrival at Evercrest
0730 Start trek
0930 Arrival at Camp 1 (fee of P20.00)
1015 Arrival at Camp 8, commence summit assault
1100 Arrival at summit; lunch
1200 Start descent
1530 Back at Evercrest; clean-up at nearby sari-sari store
1600 ETD for Tagaytay by jeepney (P24.00)
1630 ETA Tagaytay; anything goes from here

Ride form manila to Nasugbu, Batangas

after the ride form manila to tagaytay, we stop over at evercrest subdivision and at the front of that is manang carinderia for last buying and pack dinner. that manang carinderia is mountaineering stop over for buying some stuff like battery and trail food.

Mt. bike and climb

Travel Advisory

For months of December-February, jackets or long-sleeved shirts have a dual purpose in Batulao: they protect you from the chilly morning temperature, and shield you from the sun’s UV rays. Avoid garments that easily stain with dust, for Batulao is arid. During the rainy season, however, Batulao also gets humid, so wear clothes according to your comfort. Also, during rainy days, the portions of the trails could be severely muddy -- preparing accordingly. In all seasons, however, long-sleeved clothing is still advised.

For the old trail, some would advice wearing gloves during the final ascent to Batulao’s peak, but it would depend on the hiker’s grip and convenience. For the new trail, gloves are not needed nor recommended.

Boy guides, aged 8-17, wait for mountaineers by the highway; you can secure their services for a range of prices but recommends P300/day. Don't worry much about the 'child labor' aspect as these kids are able to go to school on weekdays; they do the guiding on weekends as their part-time job.

Going to Summit

Trail going to old trail

You can save time by taking a tricycle from the highway to the end of the road - about a 20-minute trip that costs P100/tricycle ride. You can also get their cellphone number to fetch you on your way back. At the small village that you will pass by foot or trike, you can buy food and water. A local ice cream is also sold.

At Camp 1, P20 fee is collected; a similar fee is collected at the New Trail campsite. Take note: If you want to two different trails up and down, you must pay P20 on both sides.

There are no immediately accessible water sources throughout the Batulao trail but guides can access further sources, 30 minutes away for you on either trails. For dayhikes, 1.5-2 L water is advised. Cellphone signal is present throughout the climb.

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Island for rent Philippines


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Lori Hyde was hunting for a unique vacation experience when her curiosity was piqued by Pretty Joe Rock, a tiny speck of land in the waters off Marathon in the Florida Keys with just enough room for a two-bedroom home and a few clusters of mangroves.
She and her husband spent a week on the petite island in February, relaxing and enjoying each other's company, with no one else around but the resident birds.
"I was looking for a rental that would be private so that came up as I was searching around and we were like, well it can't get much more private than that," said Hyde, 43, a stay-at-home mom who lives in Woodbridge, Virginia.
"It's not an exclusive sort of thing. We're just ordinary people who just did something cool."
Indeed, the idea of renting a private island usually conjures up images of multimillionaires spending a fortune to jet off to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean or the South Pacific. If you have a lot of money to shell out, the possibilities are endless.
But while a big budget will give you more options and luxurious accommodations, you don't have to be rich to rent your own island for a vacation. It can sometimes take as little as a few hundred dollars a week, a sense of adventure and the willingness to look at locations closer to home.

The island mystique

Melody key
jonathan island

Pretty Joe Rock

Pretty Joe Rock, for example, can be yours for under $3,000 a week, which includes the use of a boat to get you to and from the island. Owner Bob Rainek said he gets a broad spectrum of renters, from blue collar to white collar; from families with kids to couples.
"It's almost a universal thing that people have this romantic kind of feeling for islands," Rainek said. "It's a mystique to be on your own private island, to have water 360 degrees [around you.] It's a primal type emotion, as I look at it."

Business has been brisk despite the economy, partly because people who might otherwise go to Mexico for a vacation have been scared off by that country's drug-related violence and are looking for something exotic closer to home, Rainek said. He was proud to tout the Florida Keys, which he called "America's Caribbean," as an alternative.
Some of the most popular places to rent islands may surprise you. They include the northern United States and Canada, said Chris Krolow, the CEO of Private Islands Inc., a company based in Toronto, Ontario, that has about 200 islands for rent all over the world in its database.
Clients come from all walks of life, spending as little as $550 for a week on Republic Island in Michigan (which comes with a log cabin) or more than $66,000 for a week on The Rania Experience in the Maldives (which comes with three villas, a private chef, a yacht and other ultra-luxurious touches.)

'Robinson Crusoe' experience
For something in between, a budget of several thousand dollars a week is usually a good start.
"We're even finding more and more people who are saving and planning a honeymoon on an island. It's a little bit more expensive than what they had originally planned but it seems to be a growing trend," Krolow said.
"It's probably the most romantic experience that you could ever imagine just being on this tiny island with the person that you just married."
You can choose a self-catering island, which gives you the use of a home but requires you to bring your own food and make your own meals (the less expensive option), or a full-service island that comes with a staff, according to Vladi Private Islands, a company based in Hamburg, Germany. Its database of about 150 islands for rent includes everything from Île de Chantemesle near Paris, France, to Forsyth Island, New Zealand.
Some people seek the thrill of being dropped off in a remote place that's completely undeveloped. On "Robinson Crusoe" islands, you are left to your own devices, make your own meals, bring a tent or hammock and anything else you may need, the company said. Nova Scotia, Canada, is one part of the world that offers such opportunities, added Sabine Rollinger, a Vladi spokeswoman.
Krolow recalled a CEO who last year spent 10 days on a deserted spot in the Marshall Islands bonding with his 13-year-old son.
"It's pretty much the closest you'll get to being stranded on your own private island," Krolow said.
Spending a lot or a little
Necker Island

Necker Island
Necker Island

Necker Island
Necker Island

Necker Island

Necker Island
On the other end of the spectrum, there's Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson's 74-acre paradise in the British Virgin Islands complete with luxurious accommodations and a large staff.

 It's all yours for at least $53,000 a night for up to 28 guests, though you can rent individual rooms for a fraction of that price during a select few "Celebration Weeks."

YouTube: See what $53,000 a day gets you on Necker Island
It may sound like the ultimate getaway, but people who are looking for that private island feel might be a little disappointed by such a huge resort, Krolow said.
And if the idea of having an island all too yourself is too expensive or intimidating, you can try one with a single lodge or hotel perched on top, like the quaint five-room bed-and-breakfast on East Brother Light Station near San Francisco, California. Starting at about $300 a night, it's an island stay that's both private and not too hard on the wallet.
Whatever your budget, an island may be waiting.

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The Men's Health Urbanathlon2010


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The Men's Health Urbanathlon is taking over the streets of The Fort on Nov. 07 2010! This year, we're upping
the ante with tougher obstacles, an intensified course, and hundreds more racers. Don't miss your chance to participate in the
most demanding Urbanathlon to date. Sign up and take your running to the next level at the 2010 Men's Health Urbanathlon!
Registration period is from September 28 to October 26, 2010. Limited slots available!


Everyone knows that running is already a challenge on its own, but the Men's Health Urbanathlon will require more than just a
perfect running form and endurance. Participants' strength, balance and agility will also be tested because of the obstacles
along the race course.

360 Fitness Club, the official gym partner of the 2010 Men's Health Urbanathlon, helps you prepare for the race.

360 Fitness Club is the first co-ed express circuit training gym/club in the Philippines. It is the first in the country to offer group
TRX suspension training, a method of leveraged body weight exercise.

In as little as 30 minutes, members can get a complete body workout to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and
performance. Over 300 TRX exercises can be performed and they simply have to adjust their body position to adjust the
resistance and intensity of the exercise - that's why everyone from all fitness levels can do TRX.

This year, 360 Fitness Club offers all Men's Health Urbanathlon registrants the special Urbanathlete training designed by 360
Fitness Program Director Chappy Callanta. This training program is available at a discounted membership rate to all
Urbanathalon registrants.

So visit the 360 Fitness Club at Strata 100 bldg., Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, register and experience the 360
training that could get you race ready in no time!

Date: November 7, 2010
Venue: The Fort, Taguig City
Distance: 10km and 5km, both with urban obstacles
Fee: Php500 per participant

Race kits include the following:

■ The October 2010 issue of Men's Health Magazine
■ The Men's Health Urbanathlon 2010 Urbanathlete race shirt
■ Food stubs courtesy of Century Tuna

Finishers will get:
■ Finisher's certificate
■ Finisher's medal (For 10k racers only)

For more information,

Or add us in Facebook, ■ REGISTRATION

Registration period is from
September 28, 2010 - October 26, 2010.
Registration fee is at Php500.00 per participant.

Only participants 18 years old and above are allowed to join.

Visit any of our registration partners to sign up!

 5km with obstacles P 500
 10km with obstacles P 500


■ Summit Publishing Office
7th floor, Robinsons Cybergate
Tower 3 Robinsons Pioneer Complex,
Pioneer Street,Mandaluyong City
Trunkline: (02) 451-8888 local 1070/1071

■ 360 Fitness Club
Strata 100 bldg., Ortigas Ave,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Tel. no. (02) 577-7807

■ R.O.X.
Bonifacio High Street,
B1 ROX Building, Taguig City

After the race, unwind and relax at the Men's Health Urbanathlon Festival and celebrate the Men's Health Lifestyle.
It's all about good food, good music and good company. Not to mention the tons of stuff to demo, sample and take home
from our sponsors and partners.

Water Stations
Visit the hydration stations along the route and at the festival area and hydrate with the Urbanathlon 2010 Official Sports
Drink, Gatorade.

Free Food
The Urbanathlon 2010 Official Food Sponsor, Century Tuna will be providing free food to all participants after the race.

Finishers Booths
All finishers will get a finishers' certificate, but only those who complete the 10km category will get the Urbanathlon 2010
finisher's medals.

360 Fitess Booth
Got some fitness and health questions? Visit the 360 Fitness Club booth for answers from the fitness experts of the Men's
Health Urbanathlon Official Gym Partner.

MH Cover Photo Wall
Take a photo with our Men's Health cover photo wall and be the Men's Health cover guy to your friends! For the ladies, the
Women's Health cover photo wall is also available on race day.

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Lucio Tan Secret for sucess


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Lucio Tan, probably the most controversial of all the Filipino Tycoons, is the featured success story today. He was once the longest running richest man in the Philippines not until last year when his great rival retail tycoon Henry Sy overtook him in the throne.

Although some of us knew Lucio Tan got involved in various controversies as in the case of tax evasion, having a lot of children in different wives, and having close friends in politics like former Philippine Presidents Marcos and Estrada, he is still another epitome of success.

Let’s look another rags to riches entrepreneur story as we witness the success story of Dr. Lucio Tan.
Lucio Tan was born on July 17, 1934 in China’s Fujian province. His family moved to Philippines, in Naga, where he was a child. He worked his way through college studying Chemistry in Far Eastern University but quit before graduating, set up a business that deals with scrap in the late 1950s and and later on found a job in a tobacco factory where he was tasked to buy leaf tobacco in the Ilocos provinces.

Because of this experience, Lucio Tan started his own cigarette company named Fortune Tobacco in 1966. It was also during this time when his close friend Ferdinand Marcos was newly elected as President. The tobacco business was a success and it expanded introducing a budget brand ‘Hope’ in 1975. By year 1980, Fortune Tobacco was the Philippines’ largest cigarette manufacturer.

In 1977, Lucio Tan acquired from the Philippine Government the then bankrupt bank General Bank and Trust Co. (Genbank) for only P500,000 which was described by many as a sweetheart deal. It was later renamed to Allied Bank.

In 1982, Lucio Tan established and put up Asia Brewery where he used to his benefit, the Marcos ruling that lifted the ban on the establishment of new beer companies. Back then, it was the only brewery allowed to compete with the market leader San Miguel Corp.

In 1993, Lucio Tan secured control of the country’s airline carrier Philippine Air Lines (PAL).

While a lot of articles say that Lucio Tan benefited a lot from tax concessions and privileges that the Marcos Regime gave to him in exchange for a rumored 60% on all his shareholdings, on December 7, 2007, the Philippine Supreme Court affirmed the decision dismissing the state’s sequestration of Lucio Tan’s companies. The court’s decision says that “there can be no question that indeed, petitioner’s orders of sequestration are void and have no legal effect.”

Today, Lucio Tan is still one of the richest person in the Philippines ranking him as second to Henry Sy last year 2008 with a total asset of %1.5 Billion. His Lucio Tan Group of Companies now owns several industries that includes liquor (Tanduay Holdings, Inc. and Asia Brewery), tobacco (Fortune Tobacco), aviation (Philippine Airlines), banking (Allied Bank and Philippine National Bank), real estate (Eton Properties Philippines), and education (Univerity of the East).

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