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Earth Hour Philippines saves 56MWh!


Written on 6:44 PM by yahoo

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WWF and Meralco estimates that more than a million Filipinos participated, saving 56MWh of energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 30-tonnes in Luzon alone – equivalent to shutting down an entire coal-fired powerplant!

Yes, the 30 tons is for the entire hour. This translates into:

Number of cars equivalent

Luzon: 334 cars consuming full tank fuel of 40L; 263 jeepneys consuming full tank fuel of 45L

MM: 96 cars 75 jeepneys

Number of households equivalent

Luzon - 560 households consuming 100kWh/ month

MM - 160 hh @ 100kWh/month

Millions of pesos equivalent

Luzon - 552,338.47 = P532,000 (kWh savings@ P9.5/kWh) + P20,338.47 (CO2 avoidance @ EUR10/t-CO2 and P66.034/EUR)

MM - 157,810.99 = P152,000 (kWh savings) + P5,810.99 (CO2 avoidance)

Again, thank you very much for your support.

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