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apo island~dumagete


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apo island~dumagete

Sept. 27-28-29

First day
We meet at the at the new airport NIA3 at 6:00am better to get early to get a ticket and waiting for the others but sudenly at 6:45 some one calling our attention a crew of cebu pacific because the plane schedule going to dumagete is boarding na and ready to go, We are the only passenger there waiting. We are running fast going to the plane and unfortunately the mr. pogi photographer is late and mising. After a while we see a yellow shirt and we know that is mr pogi photographer then sakay sa plane
and sitback and relax sabay tawa, lol....

apo island~dumagete


pantalan to malatapay

We : Chris, Grace, Geoff, Angel, James and her mom, I forgot her name, are here in Dumagete around 8:30 to 9:00am. So we decided to eat first early lunch and taste the best food in Dumagete, We choose to go to the market place from the airport going to market just ride a jeep cost of 8php then go to panties carinderia, there are many cheap fast food available. I ordered karahay, karahay stands for kawale, karahay is like litson kawale. sarap the best. Another one is Babakwa, balbakwa is like bulalo but more seasoning and taste like bulalo.

And after that we decided to go to the port by tricyle. Going in apo island is 30mins to 1 hour estimated time of arrival by boat or by bus but we have a choice to ride a bus, we go to bus station of ceres then the sign board is bayawan to malatapay, then while we are walking going to the port one of us meet a friend inside the bus of malatapay to apo island is boat transfer, boat ride 1500php per boat balikan.

waiting for the boat transfer

8:30am Dumagete airport

9:05 am market place

9:48am Chowking

11:01 am Bayawan ceres

11:35am pump boat

12:08 pm Registration in PAMB of apo island

1:00 pm Check in Mary aljon for only 400 php

1:30 pm Snorkeling area,

4:30 pm trekking going to Light house

5:07 pm back track

5:30 pm food trip

6:00 pm Electric power is on up to 9:00 pm only

photo finish

duds pogi

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