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A sequel to the previous FREE RIDE for FREE DUMPsites held last Dec.
27, 2008 which gathered 300++ concerned cycling advocates who took an
environmentally fellowship bike ride around the town of San Mateo to
announce to the general San Mateo residents that a gigantic dumpsite
is about to destroy and diminish their town into a massive heap of
garbage much like Payatas and Smokey Mountain. Along with it would be
our beloved Maarat trail which we enjoy riding freely in wooded fire
trails and forests during weekends.

From our previous experience last Dec. 27th's advocacy ride we have
seen a great effect in terms of its environmental awareness campaign
done by all cyclists who joined. This coming Saturday, January 17th at
the Aling Tinas Cycling Station and Resto, we shall now be joined by
international environmental and eco-waste experts such as Green Peace
and the Eco- Waste Council as well as the media who will join our
Fellowship ride to stop the massive dumping of garbage in San Mateo
forest's Bgy Maly and Guinang.

Once again the concerned cyclists from all over the Metro are calling
on ALL cyclists Mountain bikers and Roadies alike to once again join
and be the voice of the San Mateo residents to the world. This
Saturday, we are expecting at least 500 riders from all over the metro
who will join this fellowship FREE RIDE for a cause. We hope you can
all share in this momentous and historic cycling occasion.

Details of the cycling event are as follows:

The event will be on January 17, 2009; Registration starts at 6:30am.
Critical mass ride starts at 8:00am.

Other than being a FREE RIDE for a cause, upon registration; the first
500 cycling registrants will receive a FREE The San Mateo "PADYAKAN
LABAN SA TAMBAKAN" event T-shirt (It's a nicely cool shirt, S,M,L,XL
sizes available) and a food coupon that entitles a FREE post event
ride breakfast at Aling TINA's resto and cycling station in Daang
Pari, Ampid, along Maarat rd. San Mateo, Rizal. (Befrore climbing The

All for FREE (T-Shirts, Food/ Drinks and Fun Bike Fellowship) for the
FIRST 500 cyclista participants who register early. Cool huh?

The ride will simply cover approximately 15kms from Aling TINA's
Maarat rd. go out towards the Marikina / Sn. Mateo main Rd towards San
mateo towns and residents then converge at the Nuestra Senora de
Aransasu Church beside McDonalds where a priest will bless the riders
and some excellent guest speakers will share the meaning of this
historic ride for a cause to free San Mateo and our Maarat Trails from
massive dumpsites. Then upon convergence the group will then proceed
back and clinb the semi-sloped Batasang Pambansa rd. going towards
Commonwealth Avenue then back to Sn Mateo rd then back to Aling TINA's
for FREE post ride breakfast.

We hope we can all support our 2nd FREE RIDE for a cause this first
month of 2009. Let us all help save our natural cycling trails and our
forests so we can be able to allow our next generation to enjoy the
clean and wholesome bike trails and forests we now enjoy.

YOU CAN make a difference this weekend. Lets FREE Ride for a Cause!



PS: Again, after the critical mass bike ride event, most of the
participants who may still want to challenge The WALL going up to
GIANT may do so. This challenge is optional for those who want ONLY.

PS:PS: This is NOT a RACE but simply a FREE fellowship ride for a cause.

"We all hope to see you there cycling folks and bike ride to protect
our planet."

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