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donate your shoes


Written on 2:32 AM by yahoo

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Wanted: OLD SHOES!

Bring them to us. In exchange, we're taking as much as Php 1,000 off your new Adidas sport shoes and passing on your old pair to the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF PAMULAAN CENTER.


1. Bring in your old shoes of any brand to receive...

a. Php 500 off your new Adidas shoes purchase worth Php 1, 500 - Php 2,000.

b. Php 1,000 off your new Adidas shoes purchase worth Php 3, 000 and above.

2. Each discount value is applicable for only one pair of shoes purchased.

3. Bring in as many old pairs to enjoy special offer on as many new Adidas shoes.

4. Old sport shoes have to be in decent condition and still functional.

5. All old shoes will be donated to Pamulaan center for indigenous people education.

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