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Honest Filipino airport cops


Written on 10:36 PM by yahoo

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Honesty has its own reward. For Corporals Eduardo Duran and Irvin Hawk of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) police, it’s a family holiday in any of the country’s top destinations.
Irvin Hawk, Ace Durano and Eduardo Duran

Irvin Hawk, Ace Durano and Eduardo Duran

The two honest cops were recognized by the Department of Tourism (DOT) for returning a black bag containing wads of Russian Rubbles and US Dollars equivalent to almost P500,000 cash. The owner of the bag turned out to be Russian tourist Sergey Zhelenzyak, who was with his family for a vacation in the country.

“The tourism industry commends people like Corporals Duran and Hawk who render excellent service and present the best of the country through their exemplary ways. We hope our small token of appreciation highlights their big deed,” said Durano. The cops, accompanied by M/Gen Angel Atutubo (Ret), Assistant General Manager of the Manila Airport Authority, paid a courtesy call at the DOT office.

Duran and Hawk, in an interview, mentioned that Zhelenzyak was profusely grateful to them for returning his bag, with the money and other contents which included a digital camera, intact.

“These gentlemen prove that our people are also one of the best reasons to visit the country. Even the finest, luxurious services can never outshine the warmth, honesty and sincerity of our people,” said Undersecretary Eduardo Jarque, Jr., Tourism Planning and Promotions.

The two airport cops found the bag unattended in one of the immigration counters at the NAIA. They reported the lost bag which had an identification tag in Russian writing, to their Intelligence Division. After paging for the owner and getting no response, Duran and Hawk tracked him down through his embarkation card at the Immigration Counter. They finally reached Zhelenzyak, who was already in Bacolod, through his travel agent.

The tourist told them that he didn’t expect to get his money back, which he was saving for a holiday in the country with his family. Zhelenzyak, who was on his fourth visit to the country, vowed to them that he will promote the Philippines and the commendable values of its people.

Duran has been an airport police for 10 years, while Hawk has rendered service for 27 years.

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