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The North Face Thrill of the Nuvali Trail


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1) Event details:

Registration Period : Jan 8 - Jan 28, 2010 MM TNF, ROX, RTR, Second Wind Stores

Event date: February 14, 2010 Venue: Nuvali, Sta.Rosa Laguna

Race Start:

Runners will be ferried from Solenad/basecamp to starting line by 5.15am

Category Race Start Start Line

22K 5:45am Montecito Gate 1

11K individuals 5:45am Solenad

11K Couples 6:00am Solenad

Finish line (11K & 22K) : Solenad


2) Race Kit claim period:

February 3– February 13 2010 (at respective points of registration)

3) Race Briefing:

Feb 11, Thurs, 7.30pm @ ROX; Recommended but not required.

4) Categories:

22K; Male and Female – Open category
11K; Male and Female – Open category
11K Couples run * (husband & wife,girlfriend/boyfriend, partners) OPEN Categories(no age groups)

*registered as couples and should cross the finish line at the same time while holding hands

5) Reg fee: Division

11K and 22K Php 450.00 Male/ Female
11K Couples (2 persons) Php 700 Open

6) Headlamps are recommended during the early stages of the race

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Thrill of the Trail Nuvali

The run that thrilled:

NUVALI hosts the year's first The North Face Thrill of the Trail on February 14. The trail marathon is part of the NUVALI Outdoor Adventure series which promote active outdoor lifestyles for people who seek exploration, discovery, and enthralling experiences for overall mind-body balance.

Following in the footsteps of the successful Dirt Weekend event is the introduction of a new route for marathon participants. With its interesting terrain and incredible views, NUVALI is ripe for those in for an adventure. Gear up and get ready to fall in love on Valentine's Day along the 22K and 11K routes. More info

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