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The North Face Thrill of the Trail Bohol Series


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The North Face – Thrill of the Trail – Bohol Series – September 12, 2010
July 20, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Ready for another trail running outside of the Manila? It’s time to visit Bohol and get the chance to try the trails they have to offer.

TNF – Thrill of the Trail Bohol  11K/22KM
September 12, 2010
Bohol, Visayas

Start of race will be at 6am at Danao Municipal Hall. You can register at any of the following TNF Stores:

SM City North Edsa
SM Mall of Asia
Glorietta 4
SM Megamall
ROX Ayala Cebu and BHS

SM City Cagayan de Oro
SM City Cebu
SM City Davao
Res|Toe|Run Cebu and Dumaguete

Watchout for more updates of the TNF Thrill of the Trail Bohol at

For complete list of races , news and updates about running in the Philippines, please visit  Race results of the different running events are available at the download section.

Racer refreshing in firetruck water

Racer refreshing in firetruck water

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