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An email message from burma


Written on 10:03 PM by yahoo

this is how they come out and try to kill people

The courage of our peacefull people( this is now happening in downtown in YGN 14;10 27.09.07)

3 men were shooted
one is already dead
in Sule there are only people
they are shooting in the group
but never run away the people
NOWthis is how they come out and try to kill people

The courage of our peacefull people( this is now happening in downtown in YGN 14;10 27.09.07)

3 men were shooted
one is already dead
in Sule there are only people
they are shooting in the group
but never run away the people
NOWi got a news from inside, as below

2.40 am in Burma. Sept 27 morning.

Soldiers Beating and capturing in the Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastry of S/ Oakalapa Tsp now.
People hearing noises from the monastry until.Monks are crying and running arround there.
Please try to spread to spread this URGENTLY.
Another friend told me "now army from ygn is changed with the army from chin state
so there can b worse condition tomorrow than today and now they entering into the monestries at the mid nite time and arrest the monks by trucks."
Please ask buddhist people to protact the buddhism for the lowest humiliation and insult by taking security duty in the monastries.
Another suggestions her! Very importent too!
As the Junta pointed 86 points to say that protesting monks are not monks but fake. So please also try to find the rules and regulations of a soldier and quote these to say that these soldiers and those who commend them are not soldiers because they break the rule of a good soldier. So please declare publicly that they are terrorist, not soldier. So fight them back.


An email message from burma

Today, the people’s uprising lead by the monks, NLD members, students and citizens of Burma are entering the battle with their lives and blood.

In the aftermath of 8888 (18 Aug 1988) pro-democracy uprising, the Burmese democracy activists were forced to leave the country in exile. They tried achieving democracy from abroad. Both the exile oppositions organizations and the international community share the similar opinion to bring about a change in the country from force within. We also believe in a change by standing up against the regime from within with a united force. Today is the tenth day that the monks have led the protest in the streets with the students and citizens to defy the junta.

In this revolution, 15 monks and people including a Japanese citizen have sacrificed their lives in this cause. In Burma, the only path to oppose the military junta is to demonstrate peacefully. The military junta repressed the peaceful demonstration brutally by hiding truth. The longer the military junta represses the people we are bound to loos more lives.

Would the Burmese community in exile and the institutions like the UN and EU wait till the situation in Burma gets worse like Darfur in Sudan?

The neighbouring countries like China, and so called democratic countries like India and ASEAN countries selfishly avoiding the problems in Burma by brushing pass as our internal problems. It does not matter how many people the military kills, we woe to struggle and scarify our lives to restore democracy for our future generation.

On behalf of the Burmese people I salute the courage of Mr Kenji Nagai, a Japanese journalist employed by the APF Tsushin based in Tokyo, who scarified his life whilst recording media footage of gun shots to educate the global citizens.

This is the pic from yesterday near Sule, a person who have no leg but breave enought to face theis regime

Blood Line running all through fear
People sending all food to be shiver...
Land of blood shed to wrong run tear
Men of Sun set to be song gun hear.
!!hey people, you all took our economics
freedom, you all took our knowledge,
you all took our children, you all took
our song of peaceful...
This is called our Mother Land of 19

(Guyzordianry Guyz)


today.... 26/9/07 my duty time part is working on Emergency YGH... at about 2:00 pm 5 patients was coming to our Emergency ... for Gun Shot from Government militaries... 1 patients died on d spot on arriving Hospital... ( shot on Bladder ) 4 r still bad in Diagnosis... The patient's attendant said " the patient r not in d line of protest... they ( victims ) are just chatting and watching d protest line and sitting on Cafe Bar near Shawe Dagon Pagoda , some r pedestrians" when they watching.... Government military Car was crossing to d protest line and randomly shot all of them ... what the insanity and inhumanity of their mind don't they have self-mind.. that can desire to do or shouldn't do? don't they have Family? don't they have Brain? i was very sorry for victims ( pateints ) and victims' relatives really insanity , really inhumanity, really selfish to get holding their stupid military Government... really unintelligence .. how to manage the country like in this situation ... i always ready to support Protest Monks and People... and wanna treat whenever they get injuries ... and all my friends ... u also wanna see like that or not .... This PROTEST is our chance to get improving our country among neighbours ...his is what i got from my mail and telling what was happening with him on 27/09/07

Below is an actual of what had happen yesterday on 27/9/07.

I am a Singaporean working in Myanmar for the past 11 years.
I was on my way to office( near Thuwana area) at around 4 to 4.30pm when the riot police block the road near "Super one, ILBC area". I stop my car with my wife and walk out. suddenly riot police and soldiers drove the truck around the corner and start firing shots at the crowd. we quickly ran to the side and squat down near the wall.
The soldiers came down and start to shoot at us. I was shot twice but i did not know what hit me. My both leg were bruised. the soldiers and police kicked us and the rest of the crowds into the drain and shouted that they would kill us if we look at them.

We were forced to stay in the drain for 15 mins and gather by the into a group.
A commander came and gather his troops and drove off to Tamwe direction.
After that ,i looked at my injures and and found injures on my left and right legs.
My wife found the "40mm riot control munnition" empty cartridge that the soldiers shoot at me.

I would like the embassy and media to know the actions of this army.
We are just ordinary citizen going to work and they just shot at us for no reason.
Imagine what they would do to the protesters!

I would like the Singapore government would make a strong stand against this violence crack down on the monks and people.

attached is the photo of my injures .
I have been attended by a private doctor on my injures.
The doctor said i was very lucky that the shot missed the groin area.

This turn into

This ..... so, who is making violent.

I would like to apologise to everyone for last 2 hrs, i was too tired and i just can't bring myself still awake, I have 2 hrs sleep every night for 8 fays, sorry that i missed many phone calls and i missed some news, but now i am back online.

Burma time 16;12

To all folk, it is really bad in YGN, pLs can someone do something for our country, now inside YGN it has been look like War Zone, i even heard stooting over the phone. it is over 50 shots, right now. but people are not giving up to protest and more and more people coming out to street.

they even used tear gas into primary school.


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