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Shooting in the city at 26.09.07


Written on 8:08 PM by yahoo

Are we having war in the town? ... war need two side to fight each other with guns, now we got bare hand, junta got guns and military equipment made by China.

from reuters

At 27.09.07
from reuters

Shot dead trying to show the truth In Burmafrom Japan

by aljazeera

Today pictures(30.09.07)

from DVB

Death list by junta violent crush (from AAPP)

Name: Ko Soe Than (b) Si Tone
Address: 716 , 26 Street , No 5 Quarter, S\Okkalapa
Age: 41 years old
Date of death: 27 September, 2007

Name: Kenji Nagai
Adress: Nakano Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Age: 50
Date of death: 27 September, 2007
Remark:He is a photo journalist of freeland

Name: Myo Min Htun
Address: 287 , 24 Street , No. 7 Quarter, S\Okkalapa
Age: 22
Father: U Than Htun
Date of death: 27 September, 2007

Name: Zayar Naing
Address: Mahor Video rent shop , Thura 2 Street, No. 9
Quarter, S\Okkalapa
Age: 18
Date of death: 27 September, 2007
Remark: He is a tenth student of Basic Education High
School- BEHS (2) School , S\Okkalapa, Rangoon

Name: Pho Zaw
Address: Dan Ohn Set, Marga street, N/Oakkalapa,
Age: 40
Date of death: 29 September 2007
Name: Sunny (alais) kalamalay
Address: Bo Htun Zan Quarter, Daw Bon, Rangoon
Age: 18
Date of death: 29 September 2007

To trick Mr.Gambari, UN envoy, the junta announces through their mouth-piece-media that there is a demonstration in Myitkyiinar . Actually that demonstration is a fake one for the junta wants to prove that their soldiers are not terrorist and not shooting at people and it's also the junta's plan to hide the truth of their terrorist evidences. At the same time, in Rangoon, the riot police are hitting with iron bar to any group of people whether they are demonstrators or not. After hitting violently, they arrest the people who collapse.

Internet line in Burma is not stable yet, now it is off again.

Above figure is the brain of a young student who was beaten violently to death by soldiers of the junta found in the drain near No. (3) Tarmway high school.

Now Internet is back online from Burma.
but it is difficult to use proxy.


Yesterday pictures in Yangon ( thanks to

Home industry Owners Mr Pho Zaw who lives in Mar Ga Street, South Okkalapa T/S, on 27.09 he drove his own car to downtown to buy the floor tiles, on the way to the downtown near by Kyikkason Pagoda he headed on the Military car, he give a Horn whilst the soldiers pulled off from his car and beaten him then drown into Pagoda compond, Heard he died, the death body is missing. His properties (eg, hand phone, cash and car were no return and missing.
Thandar Ngwe Oo (father U Tin Oo) age 29, pregnant 6monts whom was arrested by Military on 27.09 night.
At mid night on 28.09, The chairman of NLD SanChang T/S was arrested.

Where is Gambari? Where is he going? how junta is palning to trick on UN?

Gambari will arrive YGN 3:30 pm local time with the Silk Air today. The Junta is planning to take him to NAYPYITAW, which is the official capital of the country where there are not civilian apart from civil servant.

So, what is the reason for Gambri to go to Myanmar? He is ... shown the place where no people live and junta trying to blind him, and they will lie to him as usual, finally he might come back with answer ... well! .. SPDC is moving toward to Democracy. They will continue to cause blood shed in the streets of Rangoon and other cities ….

In order prevent the crowd gathering near the airport they are asking anyone going near the airport they are also blocking the road to prevent protest at the Air

i copy this news in blog of ko-htike

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