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Website calls for support for Sen. Trillanes, Gen. Lim


Written on 8:16 PM by yahoo




We presently find in existence a dangerous concept where the armed forces now owe their primary allegiance and loyalty to those who temporarily exercise the authority of the executive branch of the government rather than to the country and the Constitution they have worn to protect.

That is a concept we defy and struggle to eradicate.

If you believe you are a man of will and courage with unselfish motives and brave enough to fight against such tyranny, RISE UP AND BE COUNTED!

Para sa Bayan



"A revolution may be conducted against a national government, if such a government has abused the power placed at its disposal by the people, with the purpose of having injustice administered, by using this power to drown out the public voice and at the same time to administer to its own convenience or caprice...

Apolinario Mabini



Dahil Ba Sa Kami ay EP Lamang

Heneral Esperon sir, kami ay EP (Enlisted Personnel) lamang subalit hindi ibig sabihin na kaming lahat ay mangmang. Kami ay iyong ipinatanggal sa serbisyo pagkatapos mo kaming ikinulong sa Tanay ng halos dalawang taon na walang asunto o kaso. Kung sa iyong paniniwala kami ay nagkasala dahil sa pagsunod sa legal na utos ng mga nakapangyayari sa amin, hindi ba dapat kami ay imbestigahan din kasama ang aming mga opisyal? Sa kasalukuyan, ang aming mga opisyal ay humaharap pa sa paglilitis, subalit kami ay iyong hinatulan na ma-discharge. Dahil ba sa hindi mo kaya ang magigiting at marangal naming mga opisyal, kung kaya’t kami ay ang iyong pinagbalingan? Dahil ba sa kami ay EP lamang.

Kung iyong maalaala, kami ang mga inaasahan mong mga sundalo noong tayo ay nasa Central Mindanao at Basilan. Buong tapang kaming nakikipaglaban at isinaalangalang ang aming sarili sa kapamahakan para sa demokrasya ng ating bayan. Nasabi mo pa ng dahil sa mga nagawa namin ay nakamit mo ang mga bituin sa iyong balikat. Tiningala namin ang mga bituin na noon sa aming paningin ay tanging nagniningning at umasa na siyang magsisilbing ilaw sa ating sandatahang lakas.

Sa iyong pakakadawit sa Hello Garci scandal, kami ay nalungkot at umasa na ikaw ay hindi kasama. Sumuporta kami sa panawagan ng isang kapanipaniwalang imbestigasyon, na sya ring gusto ng aming mga pinuno, upang sa gayun ay hindi lalong mabahiran pa ang reputasyon ng mga kasundaluhan. Kami ay naniniwala na ang botohan ay siyang batayan ng demokrasya at kailanman di dapat lapastanganin at babuyin ng sinuman. At lalong hindi dapat maging kasangkapan ang sundalo sa anumang dayaan dahil ang kanyang serbisyo ay para sa bayan at hindi para sa isang tao o grupo lamang.

Kami ay naghintay na sana lumabas ang buong katotohanan. Sa pagtatago ninyo sa Mayuga Report, lalo ninyong ibinaon ang inyong reputasyon sa putikan at umayon sa mga ganid sa kapangyarihan, pera at kamunduhan. Iginuhit ninyo ang inyong pangalan sa kasaysayan kasama ang inyong grupo bilang Hello Garci generals na nagdulot ng matinding kahihiyan sa hukbong sandatahan.

Sir, malapit ka nang magretiro at magkakasama din tayo bilang sibilyan. Sa iyong paglabas, bawat makasalamuha mong tao ay kikilalanin ka bilang Hello Garci heneral at ang namumukod tanging heneral na umiiyak sa harap ng telebisyon dahil sa hindi kuno pagtakbo sa halalan ng isang sinungalin na politiko. Ang tanging namumunong heneral ng sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas na binato ng bugok na itlog at kamatis ng mga estyudyante. Ito ba sir ang iyong pabaon sa iyong paglisan sa hukbong sandahatan?

Para sa amin, ang pagkatanggal sa serbisyo ay tanging mga kabuhayan ng aming mga pamilya ang naapektuhan nguni’t hindi ang dignidad ng aming pagkatao. Taas noo pa rin kaming haharap sa sambayanang Pilipino sapagkat ang aming serbisyo ay walang bahid ng katiwalian KAHIT NA KAMI AY MGA EP LAMANG!

26 Scout Ranger discharged EP

05 November 2007



“I am an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and at the same time a lawyer. I will not allow myself to trample upon the rights of the accused gentlemen officers and be a party to the denial of their Constitutional rights. And by these, your Honors, I ask to be excused from these proceedings.”

Fighting words said under the sharp and glaring eyes of Col Marian Aleido, the Law member of the Special General Court Martial #2 trying the twenty-eight (28) Marines and Scout Rangers in Tanay.

We, Marines and Scout Rangers, salute you Major Pooten. You proved yourself to be a true Marine. Being a lawyer, you may not have been a Marine all your career life, but you surely had imbibed that WARRIOR spirit and honor. You have refused to be cowed into toeing the line emanating from illegitimate orders. You humbled us by entertaining thoughts that you will succumb to the whims and caprices of Mister Esperon. How wrong we were. However, we worry for you Major Pooten. Given the vengeful character of the present leadership of the AFP, you might find yourself out in the cold. However, we have no doubt in our minds that you will weather the storm given the kind of stuff you are made of.

Col Marian Aleido, you are a great disappointment. You have been with the Marines also, longer than Major Pooten. We only had great admiration for your sense of justice and fairness and religious fervor then. However, as the trial progressed, we observed a very disturbing transformation in you which is way out of character…way out of what we have always known you. What happened Col Aleido?

The last hearing in Tanay was like a drama played out by comedians under the directorship of Mister Esperon. However, we can credit them for playing their lines to the letter. What Mister Esperon did not anticipate was a serious actor who will play out of line. The actors of Mister Esperon played their parts oblivious to the legal observations, anchored on jurisprudence, of the audience. When asked by the expert critics where they honed their acting skills, the law member cavalierly dismissed the question by stating that, “We don’t have to explain how we arrive at our acting”.

This is not funny….not funny anymore! The moral decay that characterize our nation today has caught up even with people in the AFP whom we perceive as the epitome of uprightness. It is not very difficult to discern how the malaise has started. The cheating, lying and stealing participated in by a few criminal elements in our armed organization introduced the first itch that developed into a festering boil. It needs to be excised NOW.

Major Pooten, you have provided us with an inspiration that there are still decent officers in the AFP. We are aware there are more like you. We call on their moral and professional sense to stop the bastardization of our Military Justice System. We, officers in Tanay, are just collateral victims in this drama. The real victim here is our justice system.



"I refuse to avail of the military defense counsel. I am not waiving my right to peremptory challenge. I will only exercise it once the pre-trial advise has been signed," Capt. Isagani Criste, among the 28 officers detained in Camp Capinpin, Tanay.

The accused officers led by ex-Marine commandant Major General Renato Miranda, ex-Scout Rangers chief Brigadier General Danilo Lim, and ex-1st Marine Brigade chief Colonel Ariel Querubin yesterday walked out of the court they call "sham" for proceeding with a trial based on an unsigned pre-trial investigation report (PTIR) and Pre-Trial Advice (PTA). The PTIR is a charge sheet in civilan court while the PTA is the equivalent of indictment in civilian courts. The PTA overturned the recommendation of the PTI , which only recommended the filling of lesser charges against the group. Both documents were unsigned by Armed Forces chief of staff General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. who disposed of his duty to approve or disapprove the PTIR and PTA by merely issuing a memo recommending the convening of a General Court Martial to try the 28 officers for mutiny charges. The military has argued that Esperon "did not need to sign the PTA nor can he be coerced to do such a menial act as signing." Defense counsels argued that such signing meant the lives, liberty and career of these 19 Scout Rangers and nine Marine officers. Gen. Lim and Col. Querubin, supposedly with Miranda's knowledge, allegedly planned to lead soldiers in a mass withdrawal of support from Arroyo on Feb. 24, 2006.)

Both the documents were unsigned by Armed Forces chief of staff General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. who disposed of his duty to approve or disapprove the PTIR and PTA by merely issuing a memo recommending the convening of a General Court Martial to try the 28 officers for mutiny charges. The military has argued that Esperon "did not need to sign the PTA nor can he be coerced to do such a menial act as signing" which the defense counsels argued that such signing meant the lives, liberty and career of these 19 Scout Rangers and nine Marine officers.


(L-R: Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda, Maj. Basilio Pooten, Lt. Col. Achilles Segumalian and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim.) Maj. Pooten, junior he may be but he his seniors saluted him after the court martial hearing in Camp Capinpin on Nov.9, 2007 when the 28 officers facing mutiny charges walked out. He was instructed by the court to stand as special counsel for the accused even if the officers refused his services. But he stood his ground that he cannot follow an order that will violate the constitutional right of the officers to a counsel of their choice. When he manifested this in court, an applause was heard. "Basil, I may be higher in rank than you are, but i salute you for the courage you showed to stand by your principles,"- Col. Segumalian.


"I shudder at the thought that in a civilian court a man is charged with murder based on an unsigned information sheet...And it is unthinkable and absurd for the defense panel here to beg the convening authority of this court to nail our clients in asking him to sign the PTA...I cannot lend my presence to this sham proceeding, sham because the accused are not legally charged . Therefore I recommend that it is the right of these officers not to participate in this sham proceedings," Atty. Frank Chavez, lawyer for Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda said in asking the court's permission to leave. He led the team of exceptional lawyers who left the court during theNov.9, 2007 hearing in Camp Capinpin, Tanay. There were two lawyers who initially stayed behind to ensure their clients rights will be respected but the law member of the court panel, Lieutenant Colonel Marian Aleido, asked Atty. Trixie Angeles and Atty. Gilbert Gallos to represent all 28 accused, the two lawyers reminded the court that it was very unlawful to be even ordered to stand as special counsels to the officers who have the constitutional right to a counsel of their choice. This prompted the two lawyers to leave the court just the same.


“I strongly reiterate that in the dispensation of justice, my position is — I be found guilty first before my subordinates are even subjected to the process. My position is to release all those who are currently detained and allow them to either opt to leave the service or continue their service to God, country and people. Current events that have unfolded necessitates a political will on the part of our leadership to allow the pool of talents currently rendered idle in Tanay to be of use for the common good. I have no reason to doubt that these fine gentlemen will deliver, given the proper marching orders. In the meantime, I will fight my own battle in the legal arena.”- Former Marines Commandant Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda, among the 28 officers detained in Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal for a charges of mutiny. Miranda allegedly knew of the alleged plan in February 2006 to lead a mass withdrawal of support from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who is accused of rigging the 2004 elections.


"Patriotic, upright and noble officer," how his lawyer Atty. Vicente Verdadero described Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim during the Makati hearing of the coup d'etat charges against the Magdalo soldiers. When asked how Lim can be a defense witness, lawyer for the accused mutineers Atty Rene Saguisag said the general was part of negotiations for the surrender of the 300 Magdalo officers and enlisted men, who briefly seized the Oakwood luxury apartments building in Makati on July 27, 2003 and who were pomised by the Arroyo government that only five of them would be charged, and only before a court martial, not a civilian court. To prove that there was a breach of that agreement, Saguisag told the court, "there is no doubt about the integrity and credibility of this noble and upright West Pointer who will be very much necessary to find the truth."


(R-L: Lt. Col. Nestor Flordeliza, Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim; Capt. Frederick Sales and Col. Edmundo Malabanjot) The 3 Rangers and their Commander. In questioning the basis for their detention, the Pre-Trial Advise is yet unsigned by the AFP Chief of Staff, the convening authority of the General Court Martial trying them for mutiny charges in Tanay, Col. Malabanjot said: “Sa PMA, ang pirma hindi lang basta pirma, that involves honor.” Capt. Sales meanwhile has been cited for contempt after he was man enought to admit that he shouted in the court in vocal indignation over the decision to proceed with the trial with an unsigned PTA and a Pre-Trial Investigation Report recommending the dropping of mutiny charges against the 28 officers that was overruled by Esperon. When asked to apologize by the court, Capt. Sales refused, while he insisted, “ papirmahan na lang kay Esperon para wala ng problema."



Another lesson learned. “Never put a dare to nor challenge a COWARD for he will expectedly react in a cowardly manner.”

Yesterday, Mister Esperon ordered the illegal discharge from the military service of twenty six (26) of our gallant Enlisted Personnel who had been illegally incarcerated without charges. The worst thing is that, Mister Esperon did not have the “BALLS” to admit that it was he, in fact, who ordered the discharge of our patriotic Enlisted Personnel. Instead, he passed on the responsibility to the Commanding General of the Philippine Army. That was his cowardly response to our dare for him to tell the truth.

True to form and as expected, when he was asked by the media regarding the “Mayuga Report”, he immediately invoked the oft-repeated alibi that the result of the investigation is with the “higher-ups”. Yes, he hid again behind the comfort of that “little skirt”. This is becoming laughable if not downright revolting.

Mister Esperon, we are reminding you that those professional and patriotic Enlisted Personnel were fighting the enemies of the State while some criminal elements in the Armed Forces were scheming to steal the votes in 2004.

Mister Esperon, we are reminding you that those professional and patriotic Enlisted Personnel were putting their lives on the line in defense of the Nation’s territorial integrity while some criminal elements in the Armed Forces were spitting at the Constitution.

Mister Esperon, we are reminding you that those professional and patriotic Enlisted Personnel were subjected to harsh conditions without complaint to attain the AFP’s mission while YOU and the members of your criminal gang have attained the destruction of the AFP as an institution in cahoots with those who have an insatiable lust for power.

Mister Esperon, we are reminding you that while your men are dying out there in the field, your only fervent desire is to gain notoriety in the “Garci Tapes”. May 200 ka ba dahil dyan Mister Esperon?

Mister Esperon, we could not imagine how YOU and your criminal gang could get up every morning and lie to convince yourselves that you have the best interests of the country in mind and stand on better ideals. Yes, your convoluted mind makes you think that interests and ideals are there to hide the truth and mastermind irregularities.

Mister Esperon, you are wrong, VERY WRONG, to think that by discharging our Enlisted Personnel from the service, you have hurt our cause to seek the truth. NO!!! What you have done is to actually thumb the noses of the members of the entire Armed Forces. Yes Mister Esperon, that is your way of challenging the members of the entire Armed Forces to touch you if they can. That is your way of telling them that you can do anything that you please. And that is your way of telling them, “Look, who’s the coward after all”.

Mister Esperon, we agree with you that there are some people in the AFP who have your genes, who puts ambition over and above principles, integrity and decency. However, it is just a matter of time when the vast majority of professional soldiers would say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!




“Garci Tapes” vs. “Withdrawal Tapes”

Mister Esperon, we challenged you and the members of your criminal gang to TELL THE TRUTH regarding your participation in the “Garci Tapes Scandal”. True to form, you hid again behind your cowardly invocations.

Mister Esperon, your counter-challenge to us is for us to TELL THE TRUTH behind the “Withdrawal of Support” tapes. We accepted that, Mr Esperon. Do you remember your “Lopez Panel, your “PTI”, your “PTA” and your “GCM”?

But the real challenge for both of us, Mr. Esperon is to heed the clamor of 85 million FILIPINOS, whom we owe allegiance to, for the TRUTH!

WE ACCEPT THAT CHALLENGE, Mister Esperon. Do you?

WARRIORS do not hide behind alibis. When the very integrity of your person and the organization you represent is being questioned for participation in the most heinous crime of electoral fraud, for lying, for cheating and for stealing, WARRIORS demand, IN ANY FORUM, HERE AND NOW, that his HONOR be redeemed.

To make it easier for you Mister Esperon, the following is a list that would minimize, if not eliminate, any and all forms of restrictions for the TRUTH regarding the “Garci tapes” and the Withdrawal tapes” to come out. We, the WARRIORS from Tanay, submit ourselves to all and any other conditions that you may wish to add. Your ACCEPTANCE of this challenge, Mr. Esperon, binds us all to these conditions. Please don’t keep the nation waiting.

1. Let us all do away with lawyers. As WARRIORS, we commit to defend ourselves.

2. Let all the TAPES be played in public via all medium. We petition the Supreme Court to remove all legal impediments to this effect.

3. Let us allow the 85 million Filipinos to propound all the questions they may wish to ask. While responding, we all agree that “lie detectors” be attached to us.

4. Let us publish all documents relating to these controversies.

5. Let us allow all witnesses to come forward.

6. Let us not invoke EO 464, “state secret” and other similar cowardly alibis. NAKAKAHIYA para sa isang WARRIOR ang ganyan.

7. In the spirit of TRANSPARENCY, let all proceedings be televised.

8. Let us ACCEPT the verdict of our masters…..THE FILIPINO PEOPLE.

9. More importantly, NO CRYING PLEASE in front of the cameras.






Mister Esperon!

Never before in the history of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has one man and his criminal gang brought so much shame to our beloved organization. Allegations that this man and a few criminal elements among the ranks of the AFP have allowed themselves to be used to subvert the Constitution and destroy the very essence of democracy have become our collective shame. Nay, it is our collective shame that we failed to STOP them. The thought of this failure reaffirms our resolve to bring them to JUSTICE. That is our covenant with the people and our sworn duty to the Constitution.

We have been repeatedly called by Mr. Esperon as “politicized destablizers” in almost every forum that affords him opportunity. We pose these questions to you Mr. Esperon. Who cried unabashedly in front of national viewers when his mentor announced that she will not covet the Presidency again? Who stands accused of cheating in the elections in 2004? Who stands accused of lying? Who stands accused of stealing votes? Who was mentioned in the “Garci tapes”? Who debased the Armed Forces of the Philippines by being a party to cheating, stealing and lying? Who hides behind EO 464 when given the opportunity to let the truth out? Who vigorously opposes the Mayuga report from being published? Who hides behind that little skirt to save his ass? Who invokes the words “state secret” like a criminal who invokes the Fifth Amendment when caught? And since when has a criminal act become a “state secret”? Pray tell, Mr. Esperon.

Patriotism is not our monopoly Mr. Esperon. No! In fact, the mere mention of this word brings out the inadequacies in us. However, our definition of patriotism does not include involving ourselves in the criminal act of subverting the will of the people. Neither does it include closing our eyes while the crime is being committed. Incarceration is a very small price to pay for that definition.

There are “more good men outside”, you said. We agree Mr. Esperon. We agree. Our sympathies go to those good men who are placed in an unenviable position to clean up the mess that you made. Our sympathies go to those good men who try to rebuild the institution which you had destroyed. Our sympathies go to those good men who are left to pick up the pieces after being victims of a crime themselves.

Allow us to refresh your memory to recent events Mr. Esperon. During the height of the fighting in Central Mindanao, a Marine general offered his own blood so that an enemy may live. Another Marine general took it upon himself to lobby for a humane treatment for Nur Misuari whom we all had the opportunity to cross swords. Do we need to tell you who Nur Misuari is, Mr. Esperon? Those, Mr. Esperon, are acts of honorable men. Those acts distinguish men of courage. Those acts remind us that the AFP as an institution upholds human dignity and the dignity of life. Yes, Mr. Esperon, you may succeed in destroying our physical being but never shall you have the satisfaction of destroying our will and spirit, as well. NEVER!

We have not given up on you Mr. Esperon. There might still be some good left in you. You will be leaving the service in a few months’ time. Please do the nation and your family a favor. Tell the truth. Just tell the truth. You might still earn our salute. Every Navyman worth his salt know why we call you “Mister”……we lost that on you.

Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda

Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim

Col. Ariel Querubin

Col. Orlando de Leon

Col. Januario Caringal

Col. Armando Bañez

Lt. Col. Custodio Parcon

Lt. Col. Achilles Segumalian

Lt. Col. Nestor Flordeliza

Lt. Col. Edmundo Malabanjot

Maj.Francisco Domingo Fernandez

Maj. Jason Laureano Aquino

Maj. Jose Leomar Doctolero

Capt. James Sabadan

Capt. Montano Almodovar

Capt. Joey Fontiveros

Capt. Ruben Guinolbay

Capt. Isagani Criste

Capt. William Upano

Capt. Dante Langkit

Capt. Allan C. Aurino

Capt. Frederick Sales

Lt. Belinda Ferrer

Lt. Ervin Divinagracia

Lt. Jacon Cordero

Lt. Homer Estolas

Lt. Sandro Sereno

Lt. Richiemel Caballes


“A few good men”

What our dying nation needs today are men of will,
Who dare to go against the tyrants and oppressors.

Our nation does not need orators who know just what to say. It does not need authorities to reason a way. But our nation needs just A FEW GOOD MEN.

Men full of compassion and courage;
Men who will face eternity and are not afraid to die;
Men who will fight for freedom, justice and dignity.

Our country calls the one who has the strength
To stand up for the TRUTH.


Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda, Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim

Col. Ariel Querubin, Col. Orlando de Leon, Col. Januario Caringal, Col. Armando Bañez, Lt. Col. Custodio Parcon, Lt. Col. Achilles Segumalian, Lt. Col. Nestor Flordeliza, Lt. Col. Edmundo Malabanjot,

Maj.Francisco Domingo Fernandez, Maj. Jason Laureano Aquino, Maj. Jose Leomar Doctolero

Capt. James Sabadan, Capt. Montano Almodovar, Capt. Joey Fontiveros, Capt. Ruben Guinolbay, Capt. Isagani Criste, Capt. William Upano, Capt. Dante Langkit, Capt. Allan C. Aurino, Capt. Frederick Sales,

Lt. Belinda Ferrer, Lt. Ervin Divinagracia, Lt. Jacon Cordero, Lt. Homer Estolas, Lt. Sandro Sereno, and Lt. Richiemel Caballes.

Ssgt Reynaldo A. Bala, Ssgt Marciano R. Seraspi III, Ssgt. Alexander G. Verzon,Ssgt Ronnie S. Dizon, Ssgt Rodelio M. Tuazon, Sgt Orlando A. Valencia, Ssgt Nelson V. Alquiza, Sgt Arthur I. Arienda, Sgt. Pastor de Guzman,Sgt Benito S. Baggay, SgtJose T. Famularcano Jr., Sgt Juanito B. Tercero Jr., Sgt Richard B. Javier;

Cpl Reynaldo C. Pacete, Cpl Medel A. Calda, Cpl Dennis F. Marzan, Cpl Walter A Francisco, Cpl Ramon P Perania Jr., Cpl Jorlie V. Espejo, Cpl Zaldy A. Cabico,Cpl Nicomendes P. Fernandez,Cpl Giovanni B. Bonagua;

Pfc Celso P. Castromayor, Pfc Arvin R. Daligdig, Pfc Pinley L. Amarante, Pfc Jerry V. Avila, Pfc Winston M Tingabagab, Pfc Arleen S Garcia, Pfc Rommel S. Puma, Pfc Isidro R. Areja, Pfc Emmanuel M. Derilo; fc Dylan F. Monton, Pfc Robert B. Palaruan, Pfc Kernell F. Pahimnayan, Pfc Aristotle D. Lucena, Pfc Larry A. Quinto, Pfc Leon O. Ones Jr.


"Reason tells us that we must not waste our time waiting in vain for promises of felicity that ill never come, that will never materialize. Reason tells us that we must rely upon ourselves alone and never entrust our rights and our life to anyone else. Reason teaches us top be united in sentiment, thought and purpose, so that we may acquire the strength necessary to crush the evil that is affecting our people...

Therefore, o my countrymen! Let us scatter the mist that befogs our intellect, and let us consecrate all our strength to the good cause, with unshakable and absolute faith in its success, and in the ultimate prosperity, so anxiously desired by us, of the land of our birth."

Gat Andres Bonifacio


"A revolution may be conducted against a national government, if such a government has abused the power placed at its disposal by the people, with the purpose of having injustice administered, by using this power to drown out the public voice and at the same time to administer to its own convenience or caprice...

Apolinario Mabini


"You fomented social decay without sowing a single idea. From the ferment of vices could only surge revulsion... True, the vices of a government are fatal to it, cause its death, but they also kill society in whose bosom they unfold. An immoral government assumes a demoralized people, an administration without conscience, rapacious and servile citizens in the towns; bandits and brigands in the mountains! Like master, like slave; like government, like country!...

The school of suffering tempers; the arena of combat strengthens the soul. I do not mean to say that our freedom is to be won by the blade of the sword; the sword enters very little now in modern destinies, yes, but we must win it, deserving it, raising the intelligence and the dignity of the individual, loving the just, the good, the great, even dying for it, and when a people reach that height, God provides the weapon, and the idols fall, the tyrants fall like a house of cards and liberty shines with the first dawn...

Where are the youth who will consecrate their golden hours, their illusions, and enthusiasm for the welfare of their country? Where are they who would generously shed their blood to wash away so much shame, so much crime, so much abomination? Pure and spotless the victim has to be for the holocaust to be acceptable!... Where are you, youth who will incarnate in yourselves the vigor of life that has fled from our veins, the purity of ideas that have been soiled in our minds and the fire of enthusiasm that has been extinguished in our hearts?... We wait for you, O youth! Come, for we await you!"

Gat Jose Rizal

(Padre Florentino, El Filibusterismo)


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