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Nike Human Race 10K


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Nike Human Race 10K
11th and Congress, Austin, TX, US
Sunday, August 31, 2008
6:30 PM Race 8:30 PM Concert

Nike Human Race 10K

What is the Nike+ Human Race?
On 08.31.08, Nike is making a statement like no other before. Nike is putting on the World’s Largest Running Event. The 10k event will be the ultimate runner experience. By combining our digital running world with the physical, the Nike+ Human Race is open to anyone, anywhere. Nike is hosting race events in 25 cities around the world, but by logging into, every city and every road can become a race-day course.

Why did Nike decide to organize this event?
Simply put, Nike is celebrating runners and their sport. This is going to be the World’s Largest Running Event and provide a global connection point for every athlete. By using tools that we’ve created like Nike+ and the Nike+ SportBand, now people can participate from anywhere: a country road, an urban sidewalk or at one of our 25 designated Nike+ Human Race cities. We wanted to connect with our consumers and connect our consumers with each other.

What is the main goal of the event?
To celebrate runners and their sport while uniting athletes world-wide through the world’s largest running event.

What makes the Nike+ Human Race different from any other 10k run?
This is the first global race to reach such a large participant base and geographic scope. We are creating access points in 25 cities as well as bringing the race to every runner through a digital world with It will be an event like no other because of its size, but also because of the experience we are creating: live concerts on race day with top musical artists and Nike athlete participation.

Where will it be held?
The Nike+ Human Race is the world’s largest running event. It will be held anywhere a registered runner chooses to hit the pavement. Nike has organized 25 physical race cities, but the Nike+ Human Race is truly open to everyone, everywhere. If you don’t live in a race city, just sign up at to participate and run in your city. Simply use Nike + iPod or Nike+ SportBand to track your miles on race day and then download miles on to have your results officially counted as part of the race. The 25 race cities include:

  1. Austin
  2. Bogotá
  3. Buenos Aires
  4. Caracas
  5. Chicago
  6. Istanbul
  7. London
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Lima
  10. Madrid
  11. Melbourne
  12. Mexico City
  13. Munich
  14. New York
  15. Paris
  16. Quito
  17. Rome
  18. São Paulo
  19. Seoul
  20. Shanghai
  21. Singapore
  22. Taipei
  23. Tokyo
  24. Warsaw
  25. Vancouver
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How were the cities selected?
We have planned the cities based on the best geographical locations to showcase some of the most famous landmarks and unique race courses in the world. Runners in Istanbul will cross the bridge connecting Europe to Asia. Runners in the UK will race through central London. Taipei’s course will wind past the Taipei 101- one of the world’s tallest buildings. NY takes the race out of Manhattan and onto Randall’s Island – where there is a completely renovated park that’s said to be one of the city’s best park and recreation areas outside of Central Park.

Race sites were also selected to accommodate the largest number of runners. Strategic cities from all over the world have been selected with these considerations in mind. We wanted our runners to have the best event experience possible.

How do I sign up?
Visit to access the Nike+ Human Race Web site and registration form where you can sign up online or download a PDF version for mail in registration. Sign up to run in one of the 25 physical race cities or in your neighborhood. You do not have to be a member to sign up.

When do I sign up?
You can visit and save your spot now. On June 2nd anyone can officially sign up for the Nike+ Human Race.

Is there a registration deadline?
Countries may cap registration based on race course capacity for the physical race, but there is no registration deadline. You can reserve your spot online now before the global registration begins on June 2nd.

How much does the race cost?
Visit for more information on the registration fee. It may vary by city and type of participation (running in your city versus a Nike+ Human Race city). The registration is free for runners not participating in the physical races.

Do I have to be a member to participate?
No. The Nike+ Human Race is open to everyone. Visit to sign up for the race. However, to take advantage of special training programs for the event, to access training tools like Nike+ Coach and to experience the full depth of the global Nike+ community, membership is recommended.

If I’m not running in a Nike+ Human Race city how can I connect to the Nike+ Human Race experience?
Anyone that registers for the Nike+ Human Race can participate. By registering for the race with runners can simply run from their home, track their run with Nike+ iPod or Nike+ SportBand, then log their miles and contribute to the global mileage occurring simultaneously on 08.31.08. There are also dozens of other opportunities to race by checking out if any of Nike’s event sponsors are hosting runs in your area. Every Starbucks will be equipped with a kiosk and many will be hosting training runs as well as race day events.

There is also a Host a Run option, which allows you to organize a running cite in your city. You can create your own Nike+ Human Race experience.

How do I sign up if I don’t live in a host city?
The Nike+ Human Race is open to everyone. Visit to sign up for the race. You do not have to be a member to register or run in the Nike+ Human Race. However, to take advantage of our training tools and experience the full depth of the Nike+ community, membership is recommended.

What Athletes will be participating?
Our goal with the Nike+ Human Race is to unite a global community through running and our focus is on welcoming every athlete of every ability. A number of elite Nike athletes will support the Nike+ Human Race through both the training process and on race day. The following top athletes will be joining the sea of runners on race day:

  1. Lance Armstrong in the US
  2. Yuna Kim in Korea
  3. Dirk Nowitzki in Munich

How many people will be participating?
The Nike+ Human Race stands to be the largest running event to date. We’re anticipating hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets to run on 08.31.08 – either in one of the 25 physical race cities or in runners’ home cities around the world.

What will race day be like?
Whether you are participating in one of the 25 race cities, with a group in a non-race city, or on your own, 08.31.08 will be the world’s largest running event. The 10k course in each of the 25 race cities takes runners past iconic structures and sites. In the 25 physical race cities, the Nike+ Human Race will have pre-race day events, gifts for participants and an exclusive post-race concert by some of today’s top artists. With thousands of runners participating at every location the Nike+ Human Race will be an amazing connection point for a global community of athletes.

What bands will play in each city?
The live band performances will be announced by every region closer to the event day. Visit or your local race city page for more information!

Will I get to see what’s going on in other cities on race day?
There will be live feeds to support coverage from all of the 25 race course events. The video will be streaming at each of the 25 physical race sites as well as on
I notice the race day tee lists 29 cities, but there are only 25 cities that will hold an event. What happened to the others?
We initially planned to host 10k runs in all 29 cities listed, but to provide the best running experience possible, we wanted to focus on the 25 listed. We made this decision after the tees had gone to production.

Will there be a charity component for the Nike+ Human Race?
Yes. As participants in the Nike+ Human Race, runners will be able to run for a cause. We will be providing more information about charitable giving on July 2nd.

Contact: Race Director
Contact Phone: (512) 536-6987

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