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Kobe Bryant is in Manila


Written on 8:41 PM by yahoo

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To all Kobe Bryant fans in Manila Philippines great news guys! Kobe will be in Manila on July 21, 2009. Nike announced that it would be host by 2009 NBA Champion and Finals MVP Kobe Bryant on a six-city tour of Asia. Developed as an opportunity for Kobe to meet with kids throughout Asia to inspire, energize and improve their basketball skills, Kobe’s tour will make stops in Manila, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu, China, starting July 21, 2009.

Kobe Bryant 2009 Asia Tour Schedule:
July 21: Manila
July 22: Singapore
July 23: Taipei
July 24: Hong Kong
July 25: Shanghai
July 26: Chengdu

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MANILA, Philippines—People didn’t seem to care that it was only 6 a.m. It didn’t seem to matter either that Nike’s Bonifacio High Street store would only open at 12 noon.

They stood in line for hours in their quest to get their hands on tickets to The Kobe Supernatural Asia Tour Manila. In just 20 minutes, over 2,000 tickets disappeared, claimed by some of the country’s biggest Kobe Bryant fans.

Today, these fans are in for a treat. Kobe will be headlining the Kobe Supernatural Manila event at the Philippine Sports Arena (formerly Ultra). He will be sharing his training regimen with young and enthusiastic Pinoy ballers. The event will start at 4 p.m.

But his visit really begins earlier at Nike Park in The Fort where he will be meeting kids from the Eliseo Belen Charity.

“Kobe Bryant serves as a basketball icon, inspiration and role-model to a lot of our young Filipino athletes and Nike Philippines is proud to bring him closer to his fans,” said Melissa Crucillo, Nike Philippines country marketing manager.

“The one-day visit is developed as an opportunity for Kobe to work with Filipino kids and to inspire them to work toward realizing their hoop dreams.”

Nike has launched a special Kobe Tour Tee for the occasion, which was made available just a few days ago. The new version of Kobe II will also be launched during the tour. The shoes will hit the stores tomorrow.

Kobe’s Manila visit is part of his Supernatural Asia Tour 2007. His next stops include Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

By Philwebsupport

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