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Yahoo purple hunt finale at the fort bonifacio


Written on 8:42 PM by yahoo

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  1. Anonymous |

    I wonder why purple crews wasn't properly oriented about the event...we asked them questions but then they only answered you asked the lounge people coz I was only an -- then we went to the lounge they say we were not sure but you asked the people in the other booth WOW!...nice work there purple crews for not knowing what's happening...some crews were not even friendly at asked them politely and they just ignore wonder theres only few people who was rather fun strolling the malls than spending time at the event...besides I cracked the code I was in the first 20 but then I got another ticket coz I fall in line again hehe...the crew who is assisting the code game doesn't even instructing other participants to click the "ctrl" key and some computers are not working...nice...good thing theres market market...after getting all the freebies we went to market market instead...

  2. Anonymous |

    no one is listening at the host at all

  3. Anonymous |

    they are not prepare


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